LGBT | Depression and Anxiety


As you might have heard, depression, anxiety and suicide rates are significantly higher among the LGBTQ community. Many people within the LGBTQ community experience stigmatizing and stressful life experiences, so higher depression and anxiety rates seem to make sense. The question is what will help build some resiliency? Well, there are a number of ways to help build resiliency in yourself or in those you love who may be struggling. Here are Spilove Psychotherapy's top five.

 1- LGBTQ-affirming counseling

            This is a type of psychotherapy used to validate and advocate for the needs of sexual and gender minority clients.

2- Develop a supportive social network of friends and allies and/or a chosen family

            Find people who you relate to, whether through social media, groups or community centers. Find your tribe and stick with them.

3- Practice a self- care routine

            What do you do for self care? Here are some ideas: gardening, hiking, making art or reading.

4- Facilitate emotional awareness and regulation

            Check out our DBT group here. Journaling or therapy can be a great way to gain emotional awareness and regulation.

5- Use effective coping strategies to help fight cumulative stressors

            Some examples we love are: counting backwards from ten, holding an ice cube or smelling your favorite essential oil.