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New Groups Coming in the Fall 2019!

DBT Skills Group

Transgender/ Gender Nonconforming/ Non- Binary Support Group


You've been through so much in your life. You are often seen as the survivor but you feel like the outcast. The way you cope, the way you feel inside, it doesn't feel healthy any longer. 

You try to control what life circumstances you have been through with food, substances or other behaviors, but you have been left with only more anxiety and depression.  Your past still follows you around in your relationships and you can't seem to shake the feeling that it won't ever get better.  

We help individuals on the Philadelphia Main Line of all races, genders and sexualities come to understand their past, learn healthier ways of coping and no longer be defined by their depression and anxiety.

Trauma | EMDR | Grief & Loss | DBT Skills | Addiction | LGBTQIA+ | Yoga TherapyChildhood Abuse | Eating Disorders

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Meet Our Team of Therapists

Our therapists serve the communities of West Chester, Bryn Mawr and Center City, on the Philadelphia Main Line. We are passionate about helping people through their anxiety and depression as well as eating disorders and addiction.

Internship Program

We give back to our community by making therapy available to people needing financial assistance. Through our internship program, we train and closely supervise pre-licensed clinicians in our clinical specialties so that they can practice, learn and provide counseling for a lower fee. To learn more about our internship program in Bryn Mawr and West Chester locations, click the button below.

Our Locations

We provide individual psychotherapy, couples counseling, group therapy, DBT, yoga therapy and more at our 3 locations along the Philadelphia Main Line in West Chester, Bryn Mawr and Center City, Philadelphia.

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