Post Traumatic Stress Disorder & Trauma


If you're exhausted from all the nightmares, if you sleep too much to try to avoid flashbacks, if you blame yourself for the secrets you carry - you don't have to do this alone!  Your PTSD comes with a number of symptoms that are difficult to manage, but are treatable.

We have special training to help with the after effects of physical, sexual and emotional abuse. We can also help with PTSD caused from other trauma’s such as involvement in violence, domestic abuse, car accidents or other disturbing events.  

We have experience helping people reduce and eliminate their PTSD symptoms


Are your traumatic memories taking you hostage?  Are you frustrated and confused about how your past affects your present?  Do you want to stop allowing the bad things that happened to continue to ruin your life?  We can help you identify the source of the issue and provide strategy and a safe space to change the neurochemistry that causes your symptoms at their root. EMDR is an evidence based method that's been studied and proven to change neurochemistry so that your PTSD memories can't take you hostage any longer.  We can teach you how to identify your emotions so that they don’t take over your whole day.  


PTSD is a formal diagnosis and way to categorize a set of experiences. Not everyone who has experienced trauma will be diagnosed with PTSD, however that does not mean that we are unaffected when we’ve experienced trauma. Trauma is not solely referring to someone who has experienced combat even though that is how EMDR was originally utilized. For example, some adults living with childhood trauma have the experience of rationalizing or minimizing personal experiences. Have you ever had a thought similar to: “what I went through wasn’t as bad as (insert comparison)… I ‘shouldn’t’ be feeling/thinking/acting this way”? The general definition of trauma is “experiencing a disturbing or distressing experience” and experiencing trauma can have long-term consequences. This can range from the loss of someone or something in our life, life transitions that feel hard to cope with, witnessing or hearing about the death of someone, witnessing or hearing about an intensely distressing event, early childhood feelings of fear or anger, sexual assault, violence, or encountering anything that may threaten our feeling of safety and security. If you’re looking for help with PTSD symptom relief, book your first counseling session at our Philadelphia, Bryn Mawr or West Chester office, click here:

Nicole Martin, MSW, LCSW  Trauma Specialist

Nicole Martin, MSW, LCSW

Trauma Specialist

Official PTSD Symptoms from the DSM V:

A stressor such as actual or threatened serious injury, threatened death or witnessing of death or actual or threatened sexual violence.

Edie King, MA, LPC, NCC  Trauma Specialist

Edie King, MA, LPC, NCC

Trauma Specialist

Intrusion symptoms such as

  • intrusive memories

  • traumatic nightmares

  • dissociative reactions such as flashbacks

  • prolonged or intense distress after being exposed to a trigger

Avoidance symptoms such as persistent efforts to avoid anything that triggers traumatic memories.

Alterations to thoughts and mood symptoms such as

Megan Delp, MMFT  Trauma Specialist

Megan Delp, MMFT

Trauma Specialist

  • not being able to remember important parts of the traumatic event

  • believing bad things about yourself and/or the world

  • blaming yourself for the traumatic event

  • overwhelming emotions such as horror, shame or anger related to the trauma that continue to happen even long after the event

  • losing interest in things that you used to enjoy

  • not being able to feel positive emotions such as joy

Reactive symptoms such as

  • exaggerated startle response

  • difficulty concentrating

  • sleep difficulties

  • hypervigilance

  • aggressive or irritable behavior

  • reckless or self-destructive behavior

If you are ready to listen your body signals and get some support to untangle the memories and put them in their proper place, we can help.  We are Spilove Psychotherapy and we LOVE working with people to heal their past.  We want to make sure that you find peace inside your body and your mind.  We have specialized training and experience helping people who have gone through sexual abuse, physical trauma and emotional pain.    

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What is trauma and have I experienced it?

You've heard of PTSD and maybe you have it, but you're not sure.  You don't know what a flashback is and you think the thing that happened to you wasn't that bad or that you should be over it by now.  You don't have to qualify for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to get help with trauma.  


  • If something bad happened to you or someone you know

  • If you saw something that scared you

  • If someone made you do sex things or made you watch sex things

  • If you were in a bad accident

  • If you lost someone that you cared about or saw them get really sick

  • If someone hurt you or you saw someone get hurt

You know, the kinds of things that could really get you down.  What would be on your list?  If you’re wondering if you’ve experienced trauma, book your first appointment in our Philadelphia, Bryn Mawr or West Chester office, click here: