If your emotions feel overwhelming and intolerable, and they’re trying to signal you that they need your attention, I am here to help you. I provide a safe, comfortable space to openly explore who you are and provide an understanding to go deeper.  I have special training to help you learn to identify and access your feelings. I offer persistence and encouragement to help you get to your goals.  With me, you can speak openly about your anxieties and fears without worry that I’ll judge.  I’d love to help you find your purpose in life by helping you recognize your strengths.  I use an integrative approach that will help you if you have trouble identifying your feelings or shutting down your inner critic. Coming into therapy can be a challenging and anxiety provoking thing and I want to help you feel comfortable in sharing your story with me and working with me on goals. If you’re ready to heal and find peace in experiencing your emotions, call (570)412-4516 now for a free 15-minute phone consultation