Pride Counseling in West Chester, Bryn Mawr and Philadelphia, Pa

Pride Counseling for all genders and sexualities including:

Transgender - Lesbian - Gay - Queer - Gender non-conforming - Non-binary - Bi-sexual - Pan-sexual - polyamorous


Are you looking for a therapist who is supportive of transgender individuals, lesbians, gay people, those of you who are questioning or identifying as queer, non-conforming, non-binary or anywhere on this spectrum?  

We have what you need in Philadelphia, Bryn Mawr and West Chester!


The greater Philadelphia area has many allied resources. Bryn Mawr College is a supportive environment for lesbian women and trans people; we are lucky to provide therapy just down the road and have the pleasure of providing counseling for many Bryn Mawr students.  West Chester University also provides allied support and has wonderful resources for the LGBTQA community.  Our offices in West Chester are walking distance from WCU and we love working with West Chester University students.   And, of course, there’s Philadelphia’s Gayborhood- a great representation of Philly Pride!  Did you know that Philadelphia was the first city to launch a marketing campaign aimed at cultivating LGBTQ tourism called “Get Your History Straight and Your Nightlife Gay”? LGBTQ visitors are welcomed with ethnic diversity, performing arts, nightlife and celebrations of the LGBTQ community. Our Center City, PA offices are located within walking distance of  the Gayborhood, just a few blocks west, near Rittenhouse Square.


LGBTQ Community Counseling

In Philadelphia and the Main Line, being a member of the queer community comes with its own unique set of therapy needs.  It is important to have a therapist who identifies as an LGBTQ ally.  An LGBT ally is helpful because at least you know the therapist won’t be homophobic and is accepting of homosexuality and gender fluidity.  But, did you know that you can also find a therapist who is not only tolerant and accepting of the needs of the queer community, but also is an advocate and gender and sexuality specialist?

Gender Dysphoria

Gender dysphoria is a term in the Diagnostic Statistical Manuel (DSM), that describes the distress a person feels due to their birth-assigned sex and gender not matching their gender identity.  However, the term Gender Dysphoria can be offensive to many, especially since it is used to pathologize the experience of being transgender and indicates that there are a set of symptoms in the gender dysphoria diagnosis.  At Spilove Psychotherapy, we do not believe that trans, gender non-conforming (GNC) and non-binary (NB) people have a diagnosis to be cured, instead we support trans/GNC/NB people in getting to know their most authentic selves and reducing any forms of anxiety or depression or other goals for therapy brought into sessions.  Further many trans/GNC/NB people don’t experience dysphoria and the term itself suggests that gender identity is for outsiders to decide.   


Pride Counseling

Here’s the thing – being in the LGBTQA community doesn’t mean that therapy or counseling is needed because of identifying as gay (although some people do experience internalized homophophia), but because there are many layers to developing an identity and experience of pride that supports your mental health.  Many members of the queer community find that it is more comfortable to do therapy with a therapist who specializes in working with LGBT people.  LGBTQ counseling implies that the counselor can really help you focus on whatever your treatment goals are rather than getting caught up in your sexual identity or gender identity.  

 LGBT Therapist

Further, someone trained in psychology specifically for individuals who identify as trans, transqueer, lesbian, gay, queer, questioning or LGBT can help you unpack and process your sexual identity, gender identity, what it means for you and how to love and respect yourself in ways that build self-esteem, lower anxiety, depression and help cultivate relationships built on respect and healthy boundaries.  

 How can LGBTQ therapy help you?


Are you looking for help with boundaries around people who misgender you?  Are you out to your family and friends, but struggling with internalized homophobia or transphobia?  Are you in a polyamorous relationship and need relationship counseling?  Are you questioning your sexuality or gender and want someone who can be especially sensitive to your specific struggles and needs?  Give us a call at our West Chester or Bryn Mawr offices to discuss your therapy needs.  Book your appointment here.  We at Spilove Psychotherapy support you and are happy to help!


Trans Group!

Also, contact us about our upcoming Trans/GNC/NB group offering here!