Spilove Psychotherapy’s Graduate Level Internship Program

Helping you heal for a lower fee while providing supervision and learning for graduate level students

All graduate level interns are supervised weekly by one of our licensed clinicians. Each case is followed closely in collaboration with our team for maximum support and client care. 

Kelsey Ploppert  Graduate level intern

Kelsey Ploppert

Graduate level intern

You are struggling to accept yourself. What started as a means to control your weight spiraled into a complete lack of control. You are not happy when you look in the mirror and pick yourself apart. Your food rules are becoming more and more strict. The restriction, binging, purging, or over-exercise, are taking their toll on your life and your mental well-being. It feels like you are at war with your own mind.

 Are you afraid of what will happen if you allow yourself to eat the foods you have deemed to be “off limits” and even more afraid of what those foods will do to your body? Using these behaviors helps you to cope with the struggles you are facing and numb yourself from things that may seem overwhelming. You do not understand how to overcome this disorder but you know you cannot keep up with these behaviors much longer.

 I can help! I am a graduate counseling intern studying Clinical Mental Health. With experience in disordered eating, I understand and know how to help you resolve the struggles you’re facing. Utilizing Cognitive-Behavioral therapy and a mix of other methods, I can help you to understand how your thoughts towards stressors in your life are impacting the way you act around food and your body. If you are ready to get started, contact me to set up a free 15 minute phone consultation. I look forward to working with you and helping you to find freedom from food and body imprisonment. If you’re struggling with anxiety, depression or looking for eating disorder treatment, schedule your first session at our Bryn Mawr or Philadelphia office, click here: