Counseling at Spilove Psychotherapy FAQ

What services do you offer?


What are your fees?

Weekly sessions range from 50-90 minutes given the specific treatment services and treatment goals. Our fees for a 50-minute or 90-minute session are specific to the clinician you are working with.  We offer a reduced rate through our internship program. Fee prices will be discussed in your free 15-minute phone consultation.

Do you accept insurance?

We are out-of-network providers.  We are not in-network with any insurance companies, however, we are able to provide you with the documentation necessary to receive reimbursement from your insurance company should your benefits plan permit. We value providing you the best care possible, therefore, as out-of-network providers, we are not beholden to any treatment limitations of the insurance company and have the ability to freely collaborate with you on the comprehensive treatment direction that serves you or your family member best.

We know therapy is an investment. Please consider that if you have a deductible with your current insurance plan, you may need to pay out-of-pocket for that deductible anywhere you receive services.  You may also be able to utilize your FSA or HSA to cover the cost of therapy services. Please check with your benefits plan for this information.

If you would like to check to see if your insurance company will cover the cost or some of the cost of therapy with an out-of-network provider, call the number on the back of your insurance card and ask the following questions:

  • Am I covered for psychotherapy with an out-of-network provider? (The code for billing is 90834 for a 45-minute individual therapy session and 90837 for an intake session).

  • Do I need prior authorization?

  • Do I have a deductible?

  • How many sessions will you cover per year?

  • How much will I be reimbursed for?

  • How do I submit the bill for reimbursement? Where do I send the suberbill to?

We can provide you with a monthly statement, also known as a superbill, which you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Where are you located?

Bryn Mawr

Our Bryn Mawr office is located about a block behind the Bryn Mawr Starbucks, about 3 blocks from Bryn Mawr Hospital and Luddington Library, less than a mile from the Bryn Mawr Train Station. 19 Elliott Avenue, Bryn Mawr, Pa 19010

Our Philadelphia Offices have 2 locations currently:

255 South 17th Street, Suite 2902, Philadelphia, Pa 19103 is the Medical Tower building. It is about a block down 17th street from Rittenhouse Square on the same side as Rouge and Parc. It is directly off of the SEPTA bus line 2 (20th and Johnston).

1518 Walnut St., Suite 1100, Philadelphia, PA, 19102. It is a few blocks south of City Hall and on block west of Broad Street, also in the Rittenhouse Square area of Center City. We are on the same block as Butcher and Singer and Elixir Coffee.

Our West Chester Office is in the Washington Square Apartment Building.

21 West Washington Street, Suite B, West Chester, Pa 19380 is about 2 blocks from Downtown West Chester and approximately a mile from West Chester University. We are a block from Fens Coffee Shop.

What is a trauma informed therapist?

A clinician who has been trained to be sensitive to trauma issues.

What is a trauma therapist?

A trauma therapist is a clinician who is not only sensitive to trauma responses, but someone who has specialized training in helping to provide safety, grounding and crisis reduction techniques so that clients can engage in trauma work. Trauma work is addressing specific trauma or PTSD symptoms for the purpose of reducing or eliminating those symptoms.

How do I find a trauma therapist near me?

Plug into your Google search: Trauma Therapist + the name of your town. When searching for a trauma therapist near you, be sure to ask them what they do to reduce PTSD or trauma symptoms. Educate yourself on the efficacy of each technique and decide which techniques would be the best fit for you. Learn more here or schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation with one of our specialized trauma therapists.

What is yoga therapy?

Yoga therapy is a holistic healing modality that draws from the ancient, time-tested system of yogic philosophy, breathing practices, meditation and physical movements. The practice of yoga is designed to lead to an ever-increasing knowledge of oneself and the needs of the mind, body, and spirit. Yoga strengthens the ability to be present in the body, in the mind, and, ultimately, in life. Yoga therapy can be served as an adjunct to psychotherapy for a variety of presenting problems, such as eating disorders, body image, PTSD and trauma symptoms, addiction, depression, anxiety, chronic illness and more. Read more about our yoga therapy provider, Melanie Taylor.

Where can I find LGBT couples therapy?

You can plug into Google: LGBT+Couples+Therapy+(your town). Once you find your selection, be sure to ask the therapists what their experience is with couples’ counseling and with the LGBT community. We provide LGBT couples therapy here at Spilove Psychotherapy.

Do you have a transgender therapist on your team I can work with?

We do not currently have a transgender therapist, but we do have a team of allies, especially Megan Speir who absolutely loves working with the transgender community ALMOST as much as they love working with her.

Do you provide EMDR therapy near me?

At Spilove Psychotherapy, we do provide EMDR therapy. Our EMDR therapists are: Edie King, Nicole Martin, Megan Delp and Tiffany Spilove.

What is involved in EMDR training?


In order to be considered an EMDRIA trained EMDR therapist, the clinician must have a Masters’ degree and license or be pursuing a Masters’ and Licensure. The clinician must attend a two part training over several months, practice EMDR in their training and on their own and receive further instruction to hone their technique.

What are the dangers of EMDR therapy?

Most of the notable dangers of EMDR therapy are emotion related. People report more upsetting emotions, frequent dreams or nightmares and other exacerbation of PTSD symptoms for a few hours, days or weeks following an EMDR session. Most people report that the intensity dissipates and eventually they see a major reduction or elimination of trauma symptoms. To learn more, click here.

Are there EMDR side effects?


Sometimes it can cause sleepiness and an initial intensity of trauma symptoms.

Do you provide drug addiction help?

Yes. We have therapists who specialize in treating drug addiction, substance abuse and process addictions such as sex addiction, including Stella Kimbrough, Edie King, Nicole Martin, Megan Speir and Tiffany Spilove.

How is private practice therapy different from drug addiction treatment?

We are an outpatient private practice. We do provide treatment for addiction, but if you need help detoxing or have more needs than we provide, we would need to refer you to a higher level of care such as a Partial Hospital Program, Intensive Outpatient Program or residential treatment facility. We can help you navigate the best treatment options for your specific needs.

What type of eating disorder services do you provide?

Like our treatment for addiction, we provide weekly outpatient therapy for eating disorder, disordered eating and body image issues. If you are in need of more frequent treatment or medical support, we are happy to provide recommendations and support you in your admission to a higher level of care.

Do you provide weight-loss counseling?

Our eating disorder specialists treat from a body-affirming, Health at Every Size approach, meaning we respect all body types and believe we cannot determine the status of your health just by looking at you. We find that a focus on weight loss, more often than not, gets in the way of true recovery and body acceptance; therefore, we are passionate about helping you dig deeper into yourself, past your weight and body size, to directly heal the hurting parts of you that utilize food, weight and body as a means of coping. Contact us today for a free 15-minute phone consultation to determine if this approach could benefit you.