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Addiction Counseling For teens and adults

Are your problematic behaviors getting in the way of living the life you want?

Stella Kimbrough, MSW, LSW    Clinical Specialist

Stella Kimbrough, MSW, LSW

Clinical Specialist

You grew up in a stressful environment, often feeling lonely or isolated. You commonly felt misunderstood by family and peers, like you didn’t belong. You feel like you frequently need relief from intense, painful feelings and thoughts, so oftentimes, you turn to outside comforts to quell your inner turmoil. You might use substances or other problematic behaviors to cope with anxiety and depression and believe that if you only looked or acted a certain way, you would feel better on the inside.

Do you wish for more fulfilling relationships?

You long to feel connected to others, but don’t know how to overcome your fear of rejection and being seen for who you believe you truly are. You feel overwhelmed and need help to make sense of this. You don’t know why you are hurting yourself with certain behaviors. You want to feel better, but feel stuck in repetitive patterns of thought and behavior.

I can help!

Depression & Anxiety

Addiction Counseling & Trauma Therapy

in Bryn Mawr & Philadelphia,PA


In my work, I remain firmly planted in a strengths-based perspective, meaning I focus on a person’s innate strengths and ability for self-determination. I take a collaborative approach, honoring each person’s decision-making abilities. I use concepts from cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), motivational interviewing, and psychodynamic therapy in my treatment approach.

My aim is to foster a healing environment through the development of the therapeutic relationship, taking careful measures to ensure you feel heard and understood.

From there, I can help you to make sense of deeper patterns of behavior and thoughts that cause you distress and learn the skills to effectively change these patterns. Contact me today for a free 15-minute phone consultation. I am excited to begin our work together!

Stella provides counseling for addiction, trauma and depression at our Bryn Mawr, PA and Philadelphia, PA (Center City) office locations.