Are you just leaving treatment?  Have you been in recovery for some time now?  You know what you need to do to maintain your recovery, but you have some outside issues, some emotional stuff that you need more support around.  You've tried talking about it in meetings, but it feels too vulnerable to share at group level.  Maybe you're abstinent from your main addiction, but you see behaviors and emotions cropping up and you need more support.  


We know how to help.  With over fourteen years in the recovery community, we have personal and professional training in helping people to manage their addiction recovery.  Sometimes working a program isn't enough support.  We provide therapy for struggles like PTSD, anxiety, depression, life transitions and other things that aren't always addressed in recovery rooms.  If you're in recovery from drug addiction, alcoholism or sex or other process addictions and need some professional support, contact us now at 484-784-6244 for a free 15-minute phone consultation.