megan speir, m.ed., caadc director of sexuality services

megan speir, m.ed., caadc director of sexuality services





Megan Speir, M.Ed.,CAADC

Certified Addiction Counselor Specializing in Sexuality and Gender Issues

I am an experienced counselor, holding a Master's in Human Sexuality.  I help clients from all angles of the LGBTQ spectrum to address their gender and sexuality and move through life with confidence and a strong sense of self.  I work intensely with couples and families, giving them support and education on a variety of issues including navigating relationships, challenges specific to addiction, helping to process transitions and much more.  I am intensely passionate about helping you clarify the confusion you've been contending with motivating you towards your goals. 

Do you identify as a member of  the LGBTQA++ community?

Do you struggle with your sexual identity, your gender or are not sure what you identify as?  Or are you secure with your sexuality and/or gender, but want to be sure you are working with a therapist who 'gets it'?  We have wonderful team of affirming clinicians and a specialist who can surely help you!  Meet our sexuality and gender expert, Megan Speir.  Megan uses the pronouns 'she and her' and holds a Master of Education in Human Sexuality.  Megan works with people who identify as transgender, queer, trans-queer, gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, pan-sexual, asexual and anyone questioning.  She is also able to provide affirming counseling for people who identify as poly-amorous.  Weather you're a couple seeking counseling from someone who can provide affirming support, a family member needing education on your loved one's identity, or an individual looking to do your own work, Megan has the expertise, compassion and zest provide your therapeutic needs.  Contact her now to schedule your free 15 minute phone consultation.

Have your addictive habits gotten in the way of your life?  Are you in recovery from an addiction?

You started using to ease your anxiety or to take away the pain, but it got to be out of control.  You've gone through treatment and had some clean time, but you're struggling with anxiety, depression or managing your life.  Maybe your addiction is around sexual behaviors or obsession with helping someone.  If you're ready to make some changes so that you can find freedom from your addiction, I can help.  I am a Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor with years of experiencing helping people navigate their addictions and recovery lives.  I am specially trained to help you identify your triggers and manage your behaviors. If you're ready to feel better and start taking charge of your life, contact me now.