Are you ready to stop purging, but you can't get yourself to keep the food down?  Do you get overly anxious about grocery trips?  You have motivation and you've tried, but you need someone to help you get out of your eating disorder and into recovery.  You've been to treatment, done therapy and it helps, but you really need help out in your life, not in a room.  You want to make sure the work you did in treatment sticks and you're able to stay on the beam.  Eating Disorder Recovery Coaching sounds like a great fit for you!

Meal support in the home or out in the community:

When you're trying to recover from an eating disorder, meals can be overwhelming and scary.  An eating disorder recovery coach provides discrete support during meals giving you real-time tools to get through and move on without needing to purge, binge or restrict.  We are very respectful of your privacy and are sure to blend into any situation we are coaching you through.

Daily phone check-ins:

Life in recovery can be confusing and overwhelming.  Utilize coaching services for accountability and encouragement to make your day a great one.  

Grocery shopping:

Ever find yourself panicking in the grocery store?  Or walking around aimlessly, obsessing about labels, half in a daze?  Eating disorder coaching can help you to navigate the grocery store and turn shopping trips into painless, fun experiences.  

Family support:

If your child or significant other is dealing with eating disorder treatment, you want to be supportive.  You'd like to help them in any way you can, but you're not sure how.  You seem to always say the wrong thing and you're worried you're making their eating disorder worse!  Eating disorder coaching for families can help guide you through the tricky experience of loving someone with an eating disorder.  We will give you real tools and guidance on how to best support your loved one.  We will provide in-home support so you're not stuck in an office theoretically talking about the problem, but getting direction on how to best become a valuable member of your loved one's support team.  

Clothes shopping:

So you've found recovery, but now your clothes are another issue.  With sizes changing and fashion staring you in the face, you feel overwhelmed and panicked about finding a new wardrobe.  Our coach can provide support in this area too.  We will work with you to formulate a game plan and help you get through the stores in a new, recovered way.

Individualized Coaching:

If there are other issues that you're struggling with and you'd like some help to navigate your life recovering from an eating disorder, give us a call at 610-314-8402 and we will specifically tailor your treatment needs to you!  


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