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Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

DBT Skills


Is it difficult for you to get out of bed in the morning?

Do you feel yourself dragging through the day while your life goals go unattained? 

Do you feel emotions intensely and struggle with how to cope with them, often finding yourself using impulsive and destructive behaviors?

Are you wanting to be social and find meaning in relationships but have trouble stepping out of your comfort zone and asserting yourself?

Have you been searching for a way to feel more present in your life and in control of your emotions and thoughts?

DBT may be the solution for you.

You want to be social and find meaning in relationships, but you're having trouble stepping outside of your comfort zone.  You're a smart, funny person, but when you're in social situations, you freeze up and you're not sure what to say or how to act.  I have special training in managing anxiety, social phobia and interpersonal effectiveness and I'm excited to show you how to have more meaningful relationships with people you care about.  If you’re looking for help with stress, depression and unmanageable emotions, book your first counseling assessment session at our Philadelphia, Bryn Mawr or West Chester office, click here:


Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) was designed to help people learn how to understand and regulate their emotions and thoughts. DBT is a skills-based, evidence-based treatment that emphasizes creating a life worth living and developing a sense of self-agency in one’s life. It does this through training in 4 behavioral skill sets:

  • Mindfulness teaches us how to become more present in life thus allowing for increased opportunity for clarity in decision making, enjoyment in experiences and effectiveness in achieving goals. 

  • Distress Tolerance teaches us how to handle intense emotional reactions so that we can stop destructive behaviors that are getting in the way of living the life we want.

  • Emotion Regulation teaches us how to become aware of and understand the process of our emotions, providing specific skills to cope with these emotions with more ease and confidence. 

  • Interpersonal Effectiveness teaches us how to navigate communication in relationships, such as asking for what we need, saying “no” and strengthening relationship bonds. 

We have a team of DBT skill trained clinicians. We also have therapists who specialize in individual DBT treatment, who are able to incorporate these specific skills into session, strengthening skill use and attainment. Contact us for more information or a 15-minute phone consultation at 484-784-6224.

Spilove Psychotherapy DBT Specialists

Megan Speir, M.Ed, CAADC  Director of Sexuality Services

Megan Speir, M.Ed, CAADC

Director of Sexuality Services

Megan Delp, MMFT  Clinical Specialist

Megan Delp, MMFT

Clinical Specialist

Melanie Taylor, MS, LMFT, RYS-500  Assistant Clinical Director  Creative Marketing Director

Melanie Taylor, MS, LMFT, RYS-500

Assistant Clinical Director

Creative Marketing Director

DBT Group is focused on learning and practicing these skills. Our weekly DBT and Life skills group can be a wonderful adjunct to your current treatment and accelerate your therapy success! 

Currently, groups are run by Megan Delp, MFT, and are held Thursday evenings in the West Chester office.

DBT Group in the Bryn Mawr Office coming this Fall!!

Space is limited in the DBT group! Call to reserve your spot today- 484-784-6224.