Trauma Therapy for Childhood Abuse and Traumatic Grief & Loss

Nicole Martin, LCSW, MSS, MLSP    Clinical Specialist: EMDR

Nicole Martin, LCSW, MSS, MLSP

Clinical Specialist: EMDR

You had it rough growing up.  You experienced violence and addictions and your house was a scary place to live.  Sometimes the adults were present and loving, but you knew it would only be a matter of time before the drinking would start and then there’d be violence.  You’ve gotten through it, but the memories still haunt you.  It’s in the past, but you still find yourself afraid and questioning if you can make it through life.  You want to move on, but the pain is too much. 

Do you find yourself trapped in relationships that you don’t know how to get out of?  Do you sometimes consider ending your life?  Are you worried about the unhealthy behaviors you’ve been using to cope with your life?

Without a change, you worry you’ll spiral out of control and wind up more anxious, depressed and alone.  You may worry you’ll repeat some of the same patterns you grew up with.  Now’s your chance. If you’re looking for help with recovery from abuse or traumatic loss, book your first counseling session at our Bryn Mawr office, click here:

Life Transition Therapy

You’re moving on to the next stage of your life.  Maybe you’ve finished your degree or just moved out on your own, you’re stepping into your adult life and can make choices independently and you want to make the right ones, but you need some help. 


You’re looking for a therapist who really gets you and this is a courageous step towards understanding how to meet your needs. Feeling stuck can be overwhelming and frustrating.

I know how to help.  I am a solution-focused therapist who uses Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, EMDR, mindfulness practice, and traditional talk-therapy in order to help guide you to freedom from intrusive thoughts, grief and loss, harmful behaviors, and trauma

By providing a mindful, accepting and collaborative space, we can forge and find a path that is best for you to pave the way for the life you want.

If you’re ready to feel better, contact me now to set up an initial 15 minute phone consultation.

Nicole provides EMDR therapy and counseling for traumatic grief and loss at our Bryn Mawr, PA office location.