Kristen murphy  clinical specialist

Kristen murphy

clinical specialist

Consultation for the self-sufficient professional.

 Are you looking for somewhere to problem solve, but feel resistant to counseling?  Are you the independent type?  You know best about what you need, you’re just having trouble finding the right person to talk to.  

 In some areas, you’ve had lots of self-made success in your life.  

You take pride in your work and find your identity there.  You’re wise, knowledgeable and have deep insight.  You’ve got opinions on things and are not afraid to share them, but maybe there’s something missing.  Do you find yourself feeling lonely or disconnected from others’? Do your vices sometimes get in your way?

 People see you as successful, but you struggle with your sense of worth.  

Perhaps others like and respect you, but sometimes you struggle to like yourself.  Do you feel there’s been something missing in your life, especially in your relationships? Do you question if you even like this life you’ve created for yourself?  Without another person to process and bounce ideas off of, you will continue using vices and will remain feeling isolated and lonely.

 Maybe some difficult things have happened in your past, but you’re not sure they even affect you anymore. Growing up with caregivers who struggled themselves, perhaps you believe they did the best they could, but when you’re really honest with yourself, you know it wasn’t quite enough.  You’ve got some bad habits, but you believe you can figure out how to manage them.  It’s hard accepting help, let alone asking for it, and yet, you just might like to have someone to talk to about some of these things.  Without consultation, you will continue to feel stuck and wonder if you could have done more in your life.  Together, we can come up with a game plan to help you move forward in your life.  

Do you think you might be having an existential crisis? 

You’re not broken but something definitely feels off. You’re not sure that you’re even happy doing what you’ve been doing for years and you’re lacking fulfillment. You have everything you need, but something feels like it is missing and you want to do some soul searching. You’re lacking satisfaction in your life and your relationships feel superficial. 

If you want to explore where things have gone wrong in the past, in your relationships and find a way to do something different, but you’re not sure if you need therapy or a life coach, let’s talk and see if working together feels right for you.  

I have over eighteen years of experience consulting with people who are seeking change in their lives through counseling.  

I have specialized training in alcohol abuse, drug abuse, impulsivity, mood disorders and trauma.  I help self-sufficient people become better versions of themselves and I know how to work with you to tap into your full potential, regardless of your history, vices and successes.   

If you’re ready to start clearing away your obstacles, contact me now for a free 15 minute initial phone consultation.